Your Wrapbook Profile

Last Update:
March 24, 2022

Create your Wrapbook account

Once hired, you will receive an email inviting you to join Wrapbook that includes your rate, position, and a message from the producer. This email will be the point of entry for your project. 

  • Click Join Project to see Wrapbook’s terms and to onboard to a project.
  • Carefully review the terms of your employment, and if everything looks in order, click Agree to Terms. If something looks wrong, click Reject Terms, which will allow you to submit a reason to your producer.
  • Once you agree to the terms, Wrapbook will invite you to create an account. You will need to provide your legal first and last name, along with your email address. Click Sign Up.

An email will be sent to your inbox to confirm your profile.

Click to verify your account via that email, and you may continue on to entering your onboarding information.

After confirming your account, you’ll be taken to your Wrapbook dashboard where you can set up your profile.

Set up your Wrapbook profile

Setting up your Wrapbook profile is the first step to onboarding.

Fill out the following task list, which will set you up for any project run through Wrapbook. As you go from one job to the next, your Wrapbook profile will also go with you - making onboarding faster for your next project.

  1. ADD YOUR PERSONAL TAX INFORMATION: Complete your personal information and contact information. Opt in to electronic tax forms.
  2. ADD TAX WITHHOLDING INFORMATION: Enter your tax withholding information. This allows Wrapbook to send you tax forms during tax season. Select the type of employee you are (1099, W2).
  3. SET UP YOUR METHOD OF PAYMENT: Choose how you want to be paid by the production company. You can either elect for a physical mailed check or link your bank account. We strongly suggest you link your bank account for direct deposit payments.Easily link your bank automatically by entering your routing number. If you have an agent who you would rather directly get the check, select the check option and enter their details accordingly. The check will be mailed to them. However, it will still carry your name, so we recommend you have an agency check authorization form on file with your agent, which will allow them to cash a check in your name.
  4. FILL OUT YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION: Securely and anonymously contribute basic demographic information as a means to support inclusivity. Disclosure of this information will not affect the opportunity for employment, nor the terms and conditions of employment. This information may, in an aggregated, non- identified format, be included in reports to specific interested parties for individual jobs (e.g. Advertisers, Advertising agencies) and may be used in longer-term trending reports. We’re committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and all data gathered will be held in accordance with the Wrapbook Privacy Policy.